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I'm, what, 15 years or so into this career?

I thought I could hold out longer before playing the cat card in print. Going from one signed column a week to two makes a man do unspeakable things.


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I think the phrase "no-holds-barred rape competition" sufficiently redeems the sin of a Cat Column.

Shoot. Avr beat me to it.


If that's how it's going to be, Colby, can you enable pictures so I can post a photo of my daughter?

You gotta see her. Just adorable.

Devin McCullen:

Hey, you held out longer than Bill Simmons.

I'm looking forward to your Friday column on how frustrated you are by Air Canada losing your luggage!

Robert Seymour:
Tom R:

Jean Teasdale meets Jean Raspail.


If you're looking for topics to write about, you could keep beating the "overdosed on ecstasy" horse until someone at the Edmonton Journal clues into the difference between "too much" and "contaminated."


It's borderline irresponsible journalism. The conclusion people draw from an overdose is that the substance is too inherently dangerous for people to use without careful supervision. The conclusion people draw from contamination is that there needs to be better quality control. These two different conclusions imply vastly different public policy responses to the problem. [Shakes fist in air.]


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