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Bow down before the one you serve

Mattress King
Mattress King is NOT one of those old-fashioned, harmless, namby-pamby small-business mascots. Mattress King is an ANGRY, CRUEL BASTARD. He has never met a man he couldn't kill dead with a sidelong sneer, and he refuses to treat women as objects because some objects are potentially useful. Ask him today about comfortable sleep options, and you will probably get raped to death by his personal hundred-man bodyguard (he calls them The Expendables). 20% off on Sertas and Sealys all this week.


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I happily accede the Right of First Night to you, my liege.


I thought someone was an NIN fan when I first saw the post title. He does look a tad testy to be an inviting mascot, doesn't he?


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