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Let me see if I've got this straight dep't

Pat Quinn doesn't want to coach the Edmonton Oilers because... there's been a lot of turnover in Toronto?

Is Quinn waiting for a call here? Or is he going to make one himself? "You let things settle. I have great respect for coaches (like Craig MacTavish). The (NHL) coaching job, sometimes you wonder. Since I was let go in Toronto, there's been 20 coaching changes. Sometimes you think, 'What kind of job is that?'."

How this is relevant to the Oilers, who have pretty much had three real head coaches in three decades of life as an NHL franchise, and who gave MacT enough rope to hang himself and five other guys, is not quite clear to me. Is Quinn afraid of becoming the next George Burnett? Anyway, it sounds as though he has his eye on the Minnesota job, and I for one have a list of 28 other NHL cities in which I'd rather see the flyblown old fart established.


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Uh, dude? There hasn't been 20 coaching changes in Toronto since Quinn. I believe he means across the league, therefore why at his age jump back into an inherently unstable position?

OK, I think I see what he's getting at. But then, at his age, is somebody going to hire him as a GM-coach AND give him time to implement a long-term plan anywhere? The guy's drawing CPP cheques.


Sorry, but I'm still trying to understand why anyone cares what Pat Q likes, dislikes, thinks, or wants...


um, if the boomers could exit stage left, please, it would be greatly appreciated by the rest of us.


Based on his tremendous record of success with the Leafs, I fail to see why you wouldn't welcome him with open arms, a parade, and a 72 hour continuous party in his honour.

Half Canadian:

Harold Ballard's ghost won't allow the Leafs to prosper. This is a verified curse.


Based on his tremendous record of success with the Leafs...

You can imagine the reaction out in lotus-land last January, when Alain Vigneault was (reportedly) in danger of losing his job, and Quinn's name was prominently mentioned as a possible replacement.

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

Offtopic- In press conference today, Napolitano said the swine flu came in from Vancouver. No, really.


Pat's doiung great stuff in junior hockey -- owning part of the Giants, coaching Team Canada to victory at the WJC. Why would he jump into a mess like the Oilers?


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