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A comedy to those who think

Accidental hilarity in a profile of KC Royals manager Trey Hillman by the KC Star's Sam Mellinger:

Trey Hillman is about an hour into explaining how the faith he learned from his father turned him into the man he is today when he thinks about the day it all came together. You’ll like this, he says. It gets at the crux of who he is and how he lives.
Nine years old, and little Trey is outside his family’s Texas home playing ball with kids from the neighborhood. He says something about Santa Claus, and a kid named Dean — Hillman will never forget that name — laughs and calls Trey a dumb little boy for believing.
Crushed, Trey goes to his father. Dad was a junior high principal and coach, one of the most respected men in town. Hillman calls him “a saint.”
On this day, Trey asks about Santa and Dad gives him the truth. OK. Trey asks about the tooth fairy and Dad gives him the truth. Hmm. Trey asks about the Easter bunny. Dad gives him the truth. Deep breath. Trey thinks for a moment. He goes the next step.
What about God?
Is that real?
Not to spoil the surprise ending, but Dad did not say "Jeez, that Dean fella was right about you, kid—you're really not very good at taking a hint, are you?"


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The Royals will need God or the tooth fairy if they want to make it to the playoffs.

Half Canadian:

Hey, he's trawlin for comments!


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