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I'm sure it happens in other NHL cities that the team owner will occasionally send a heavy to threaten rights-holding broadcasters who get too frisky. I mean, I'd guess it must. But right out in the open like this? As if it never even occurred to them that it wasn't a totally cool thing to do? I mean... isn't this sort of thing normally handled like Capone did in The Untouchables, in a back room over balloons of Courvoisier?


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"He just wanted to suppress that, once and for all."

Not the kind of thing one usually hears at a press conference. You wonder if Katz used this phrasing with Lowe, expecting that Lowe would have enough sense not to say it out loud in polite company.

And... that's gonna backfire.

Just An Ex-Oilers Fan:

If Katz finds it "odd" that - in the middle of a playoff "race" the Oilers are rapidly tanking - the dicussion is about the future of the head coach, he's not going to last as Oilers owner. Katz better develop a thicker skin.



1) Distraction: Get the media focused on Lowe and Katz rather than the coach and players; an us-against-the world scenario. We've all seen it before.
2) Long Term Strategy: Katz is simply making it clear to the media that they 'serve' at the pleasure of the Oilers. The long-term advantage of this will be to delineate the organizations (and/or media personalities, such as Mr. Corsh), that will tow the line when the oilers get their extortion racket in full gear in what is soon to be a PR war on the need for taxpayers to subsidize a new downtown arena. Luxury boxes, more seats, blah blah, blah...

For the oilers, whether the team wins or loses is irrelevant. If the oilers don't make the playoffs, the coliseum's limitations will be cited--somehow, someway--as a contributing factor. If they do squeak into the post-season, this too will be used as a reason: "An exciting young team needs 'world-class' facilities."

Either way, Edmonton taxpayers will begin to be inundated by calls for a new facility that they should feel privileged to pay for.


Sorry. I'm doing my warsh, sitting on my arse, and typing in Corsh.

Nathan Muhly:

Yes, tell me what I want to hear, Kev. Tell me because I'm too stupid to figure it out for myself. And I needed another reason to hate this team?


I've played devil's advocate for the Oilers organization for a good part of two years here, but even I can't defend this shit anymore. He wants to "suppress" it, eh?

I think this serves as a good example for why you should centralize too much power in the hands of one person or entity, in any situation.

The Oilers are the only game in town, and this the only reason they can get away with this shit. Being in the Edmonton sports media must be one of the most demeaning positions on earth. I mean, you're pretty much obliged to these d-bags, and there's absolutely jack shit you can do about it.


Dear Daryl,

Perhaps the last cheque we sent you covering our rights fees has been mislaid. We suggest you find it, ruminate on the number you will see on the front, and fold it up until it's all corners and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Yours sincerely,

Those whose dollars float your two-bit operation

It seems that CHED is happy to take it though. Tybalt won't know this but its Oilers broadcasters are employees of the team. Lowe went on TV last night and again talked about "our radio station". It's hilarious.


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