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Paul Band ecstasy case latest

On schedule, Alberta Solicitor-General Fred Lindsay hints that the "ecstasy overdose" hypothesis may already be crumbling:

"Our heart certainly goes out the community and the family and friends involved ," Lindsay said.
"But it just points out again that we definitely have to get to down to the root cause of people using drugs, because there's no quality control on the manufacturing of drugs."
Lindsay said he couldn't understand the risks some people take.
"Why would you put something in your body if you don't have a clear understanding of what it is?" he said.

More to come, almost certainly...


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Half Canadian:

As a teetotaler, I have to snort at this. Hot dogs sell well, and I guarantee that most people don't know what's in them (and yes, but I'm more of a Nathan's or Hebrew National guy).


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