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Granted, occasionally you do get a creep from Abbotsford or a bum from Penticton

An awful lot of Albertans under the age of 40 grew up shaking their heads and pursing their lips about having to live under the rule of Ralph Klein, the insensitive dastard who had once blamed street crime in Calgary on "Eastern creeps and bums" who had come to the province looking for work.

Funny thing: now that the boom is back, you can catch a lot of the people experiencing the social conditions for the first time saying to themselves "Ohhh, shit, so these are the Eastern creeps and bums he meant." Ralph may have used colourful language appropriate to his persona and educational level, but I'll be damned if "[these] young men... are not doing much that is positive for our communities" doesn't amount to the same thing.


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George Skinner:

Alberta is getting just a taste of the problems encountered by Vancouver, the grease trap for Canada's drifting underclass. My suspicion is that the relatively mild climate out here is a magnet for those whose inclinations shy from things like productive work or dealing with reality instead of using drugs.

For years we've been trying to get Babiak to cease-and-desist with the pseudo-cultural attacks he makes on the NDP's behalf.

Calling him a Klein-clone (Ralph, not Naomi) is probably the fastest way to get him to unplug his keyboard permanently.


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