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Poisoned Chinese infantI've finally been able to ectomize an editing error out of my Friday column on mortgage fraudster Casey Serin, so if you haven't read it yet, now is a suitable time. I've been getting some interesting feedback from Casey's army of detractors, some of whom feel I was too easy on the young webceleb fuckup. I also got a polite and friendly note from Casey himself, who told me I made some "good points" and gave him some "things to think about". This is the sort of response he typically makes to critics: for all his dubious behaviour, the man has an admirably thick skin and an indestructibly positive attitude.

Somewhat renewed by my quiet, deliberately uneventful London holiday, I've been busy with new material on Full Comment. I wrote a post on the Chinese milk scandal and the ethics of celebrity endorsement, spotted an amusing mistake by a minor-league baseball GM, and was horrified today by some inappropriate comments in the Globe & Mail.


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