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Corrections I'd like to see dep't

The Greek concept of askesis, personified.Michael Bliss's September 23 Financial Post column about the American credit crisis contained a reference to "the personally ascetic prime minister, Pierre Trudeau". The phrase should have read "the personally ascetic prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, who was a jet-setting nightclub and discotheque fixture throughout his career, favoured expensively tailored clothing, married a 22-year-old woman (one he had met in Tahiti) at the age of 51, dated Barbra Streisand and Liona Boyd on the cusp of turning 60, and fathered a child out of wedlock at 71". The Post regrets the error.


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Half Canadian:

Thank you. Transparency in the media is the best.


And drove an SL 300 roadster
And was an oil heir millionaire.


Just goes to show you that a history degree (heh) isn't worth that much when you have a special agenda to press forward.

Is it already time to raise P.E.T. to sainthood?


Special agenda, Dwayne? Bliss was a supporter of the Canadian Alliance, and in his book, went after Trudeau for his errant spending, though he's an admirer for his unity stance.

I would say he meant ascetic in the sense that Trudeau was, in his home life, a complete cheapskate and contemptuous of waste.



My error perhaps, when I read a C.V. like that all I can see is Steph Dion and his ilk. His Wiki also points out he entered the U of T in 1958 and has never left. I can see an ivory tower problem if there ever was one.


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