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Least predictable retail development of 2008

I think the trophy surely has to go to the return to prominence of "solid-state" as a signifier of trendiness. When I was a kid, any piece of consumer electronics with anything even resembling a semiconductor in it had these magic marketing words stamped on it. If the quadrophonic eight-track stereo in your boogie van didn't have them somewhere on the face, your heterosexuality was thrown into profound question. Suddenly, in the 21st century, I find myself demonstrating the amazing boot time of a solid-state hard disk to total strangers. I just have to hope those terrible lapels don't come back.


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This is basically spam but what the hell. I think you're way off on this 'geist. "Solid State" just isn't nearly as trendy as vacuum tubes at the moment. In the last decade we have witnessed a massive increase in tube amp options in guitar amps and in the number of Stereophile covers that feature tubes.

Reserve all judgement until you hear your music through this tiny thing:

I sell vacuum tubes for a living, but I'm not biased about them at all. FYI, vacuum tubes is an e-commerce category ruled by a Canadian company.


Aw, c'mon - those funky lapels are long overdue for a comeback.


All I could think of for some reason watching the video is Gerry Todd. haha

"I sell vacuum tubes for a living, but I'm not biased about them at all."

That was really rotten, but I think you have to be a certain sort of user to think so.

Yeah, maybe a smiley would have been in order. I am definitely tube-partisan, even with hard drives. I will concede solid state is great for data storage; so great that spinning disk platters are definitely more endangered by it than tubes.

Tubes won't go extinct but spinning disks almost certainly will.


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