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The life-altering URL says it all: Hockey-Reference.com.


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1. Thanks, it's not like my hockey stat crazed son doesn't spend enough time in front of the computer, now this...

2. goals created??

I was actually kind of disappointed.

Me too, slightly, but the archived TOI figures and plus-minus breakdowns are cool, and hopefully Sean Forman at Baseball Reference will point the way for them to add more info.

Yeah, I don't know...I don't understand why a small sect of Oilers fans are apparently the only people who understand that the stats make a hell of a lot more sense when they're broken down into game situation.

Sean Forman:

Colby (and readers),

Thanks for the note and the link. We'd appreciate any feedback. We are only going to add to the site and prioritizing new features is something we will be doing over the next month.

Feature priority 1: NHL salaries and contract terms and cap situation.

Alasdair Robinson:

I assume, Colby, that you are familliar with www.hockeydb.com.


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