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FullComment.com: the latest from me

I've written a short Post editorial on the death of physicist J.A. Wheeler. (A reader has notified me that plutonium does occur naturally in submicroscopic amounts, contradicting the high-school first-approximation-to-actual-knowledge about the transuranics that I failed to double-check, so need to give me hell all over again for that slip-up.* I hate like poison to queer a decent obit by saying something that's going to have the experts pshawing.) Elsewhere, I raise questions about a news item from Germany.

*[UPDATE, 3:16 pm: Mercifully, the piece was held an extra day, so the final edit has been fixed, and the online version has been cleaned up with an annotation in the comment thread.]


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You dodged a bullet!

BTW, Plutonium also appears to be a product of supernovae, but that doesn't really affect your revision meaningfully.


It seems there are several claims as well to being the 'first' commercial reactor. Setting aside the (very non-commercial) Fermi pile in Chicago, I have seen claims from Idaho Falls-Arco, Idaho and Handford, and Santa Susana in California (and the explosion there is still kept secret). I suspect it comes down to the definition of 'commercial'

Jim Whyte:

Another reason to like Wheeler:



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