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Death is listening, and will take the first man that screams

Some people might be skeptical about the new plan to transform Edmonton's downtown square into a giant dome wherein the homeless battle senselessly for the public's edification and entertainment. All I have to say is: BEST. CITY. EVER.


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Mandel would have to dress as Lord Humungous at the pod's opening ceremony.

See, now I'm torn over whether it should be referred to as a "dystopian laser battledome" or a "futuristic death pod."


We're gonna need a different mayor. What's Jan Reimer doing these days?

What's Jan Reimer doing these days?

I've been asking that question for months. Could anything be more damning about this administration?


And this is from the mayor who ran on a policy for urban architecture of:

"Our tolerance for crap is now zero."


If this comes to fruition, I may have to move back. This could give a whole new meaning to "City of Champions".

The next step should be to put an old tarp over the River Valley and start importing African wildlife. Then you'd really have something to talk about.

The river valley is to be strictly reserved for hunting the most dangerous quarry of all: MAN.


I'd like to hunt some of the cyclists in the river valley.

But what happens when the hunter... becomes the hunted?

Man. This is going to become the ultimate city of crazy narrative twists.

Now all you need is that cheesy battle music from the Star Trek episode where the disembodied brains made everyone fight. :)

Papa, pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa...


Why does the tarp over the River Valley have to be old?

George Skinner:

It would be kind of cool if Edmonton started to resemble Hollywood's version of northern Alberta (i.e. Wolverine's cage fighting in X-Men.)


Jason - have you no sense of style?

Or decency? A new tarp of that size would spend down the oil reserves and bankrupt Edmonton. And then all your imported Eastern labour would go into survivalist mode. Soon, the North Saskatchewan river would have no fish left and there would be no virginal damsels left at M.E. Lazerte.

Actually, that sounds like more fun than my African safari idea. Go for the new tarp.

A city of close to a million people, less than a month after the worldwide summer blockbuster that was The Simpsons Movie, and I'm alone in this burg making EPA jokes to the still night air.


Does this mean that we'll finally see Bumfights 5: Beyond Chunderdome on the market?

As was stated to me today, from an anonymous source:

"This is just the first step. The reporters were floating this as a trial balloon. Soon, the mayor will strike a Dome Feasibility Committee that will go to cities like Columbus, Ohio and Tulsa, Oklahoma to study the effects of their domes, and how we can create a dome district (the SoHo of Western Canada). Meanwhile, a recreation and leisure studies prof posing as a business expert will continue to tout the value of domes in our quest to move up the Universal Predatory Scale.

And let's not forget that the dome by itself doesn't represent any possibility for economic growth. It needs to be the anchor of a larger scale development involving inflatable restaurants, hotels and jolly jumpers; only then will the city reach World-Class™ status."

Dudes! Ixnay on the ocking-may. They'll only build it if you can shut up until they actually put a shovel in the ground.


I'm not even convinced there is such a thing as "new tarp", to be honest.


"It needs to be the anchor of a larger scale development involving inflatable restaurants, hotels and jolly jumpers;"

...and inflatable women?


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