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Data representation dept.

The really sick thing about me making charts like this one of my performance in the 2007 fantasy draft is that I know half the league is way more hardcore about this stuff than I am. It is an unrelenting, dire arms race in which the laggard faces ego annihilation.

(I think the chart teaches three lessons about the owner behind it. He worries too much about filling out a lineup card in the middle rounds, when he should still be in "best player available" mode. His research pays off in the late rounds. And he was actually very lucky not to have more injuries in 2007.)


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Nathan Muhly:

What is the y-axis supposed to represent?

Points scored for the ensuing season. The unconnected dots are the players everybody else drafted.


I have to question the reasonability of any scoring system that ranks Eric Brynes second in accumulated points.

This chart only includes players who were available for the draft. It's a 12-team H2H league with six keepers apiece, so 72 guys were sewn up. Byrnes was "only" second best (behind Chipper) among free agents.

Byrnes was "only" second best (behind Chipper) among free agents.

Huh. Good snag. I didn't even notice that. Would you mind listing the Top Ten picks from last year, not including our keepers, in terms of points?

Chipper Jones, 514 pts (picked #83 by Dellow)
Eric Byrnes, 507 (#214, Cosh)
Curtis Granderson, 492 (#183, C. Mitzel)
Alex Rios, 488 (#79, T. Mitzel)
John Lackey, 486 (#10, C. Mitzel)
Todd Helton, 477 (#22, Cosh)
Aaron Harang, 476.7 (#16, Grabia)
Nick Markakis, 469 (#46, Fenwick)
Brandon Phillips, 464 (#48, Murphy)
Mike Lowell, 459 (#221, T. Mitzel)

First overall pick Lance Berkman (449 pts) would be ranked 13th on this list.

I remember having Adam Dunn and Helton ranked nos. 2 & 3 on my wish list behind Berkman, grabbing Dunn with the #3 pick (he's not far off this list either), and watching with increasing disbelief as pretty much everybody else passed up Helton twice.

Which shows how stupid I must be: my '07 draft began almost exactly the way it would have in my wildest dreams, both players involved had terrific seasons, and I still finished 41-51.

John Thacker:

Colby, I don't blame you for all the fantasy draft talk, but why has there been no mention of this year's Brier yet? I depend on you for all my curling news.

Alberta went 11-0 in the round robin, which always seems to end badly.


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