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Is it three strikes, Doc?

Things aren't looking good for Ben Heppner's long-awaited Tristan at the Metropolitan Opera, which was supposed to be the commercial and artistic highlight of the season. Opening night will go ahead with the understudy, but the March 22 simulcast matinée starring Canada's great Wagner interpreter is still on, for the moment. No pressure, Benny! It's not like millions of dollars are at stake!


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Tough news for my high school's greatest graduate (non Phil Sykes Jr. division).

Judge Dredd:

They should just project footage from the DVD of his 1999 Tristan at the Met. With some clever editing, I'm pretty sure that people wouldn't notice.

I have a feeling there's the germ of a business plan in the idea of a Fantasy Opera League.

Pick your principals, your opera, and your venue, and the best gate receipts wins!


Dibs! Nobody gets to develop this until I finish learning PHP, m'kay?




Thanks for the link. I saw him sing it twice in 1999 -- he was amazing, uniquely sweet-sounding in a way that recordings don't quite capture.

Fantasy opera... sign me up, if it actually happens.


Jeez, careful what you wish for. The trash talk in a fantasy opera league would be insanely vicious. You'd get to the point of being willing to trade away Karita Mattila in next year's Met Salome just to make it stop!

ATy: I don't get it, but I like it! Okay, let me write some code, here...


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