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What, no Rocky reference?

Why, yes, Bill Simmons, I sure would like a side order of Wire spoilers with my entrée of well-done maudlin! I guess it's way too late, though, to ask whether you can still hear that Socratic daemon that might have advised you against shovelling inappropriate, inherently trivializing pop-culture references into sensitive material. Sincerely, A Horrified Fan


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Doug M.:

Your post immediately made me think of this:


Incidentally, Colby, it was a post of yours about the Wire that led me to discover it shortly after the Sopranos ended. You owe me 60 hours of my life back.

That listing on SWPL is the one I have a real problem with. White people don't like the show. That's basically been the problem for its entire existence. I'm convinced dude was scrambling for something, and just threw that one up.

I'm glad I got to see the finale before I bumped into a spoiler. Another critical moment from an earlier episode was spoiled for me a week ago, and I'm still choked about it.

Doug M.:

You may be right - I think it just rang true because it describes me so perfectly.


Oh come on Grabia. Who, exactly, do you think is the main demographic watching the Wire?

Choked about the spoiler, indeed.

Oh come on Grabia. Who, exactly, do you think is the main demographic watching the Wire?

It ain't white people. They watch Two and a Half Men and American Idol It ain't anybody, really. Nobody watches the show. John from Cincinnati got higher ratings this year.

John from Cincinnati:

I did not

Nathan Muhly:

Gawd, it's like Simmons was trying to win a Pulitzer, or something. Next thing you know he's going to be fabricating reac quotes from dead hobos.

Nathan Muhly:

I did not!

I don't know Butchy, instead?


I think white people are downloading the show. But shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

Lord Bob:

So, the guy wedges several paragraphs about his favourite television show into a story about a murdered teenager, and the first thing people say is "omg spoilerz".

That said, though I'm not a Wire fan and usually like Bill Simmons, I have to admit, that article was a crime against the very concept of human creativity.


Bill Simmons demonstrates his singular failing as a writer by needing to compare a real life tragedy to some fiction he saw on TV. What is entertaining and appropriate in commenting on incompetence among NBA GMs is ghastly and tone deaf when applied to the senseless murder of this young man.


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