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Oilers note from the new Hockey News yearbook

Shawn Horcoff“Thanks to an off-season training regimen that boggles the mind, [Chris] Chelios is among the fittest, if not the fittest, players in the NHL… Chelios began his maniacal off-season workout regimen 15 years ago when he was introduced to T.R. Goodman by former NHLer Alan May. Goodman had almost no NHL clients at the time, largely because his training regimen focuses primarily on non-stop circuit training with a heavy emphasis on cardiovascular work that regularly gets even the most athletic hearts up to 170 beats per minute… Goodman has yet to find a player, young or old, who can keep up with Chelios, and with more than 20 NHL devotees in his camp every summer, he has a good cross-section. ‘I think Shawn Horcoff came the closest,’ Goodman said. ‘He was giving Cheli all he can handle’.”


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‘He was giving Cheli all he can handle’.”

That explains the missing tooth.


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