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The monster that archives posts after two weeks is devouring my entire index page! That’s obviously a signal for me to pick up some of the slack in my weblogging, which has been occurring for no real reason other than burnout from working through the summer without a vacation… my mantra is to be glad I’m busy, and mere months ago I had the opposite problem. I just hope I am piling up a massive treasury of blessedness in covering for co-workers who have families, plan excursions and adventures far in advance, and (in a couple of cases) follow the implacable Jewish religious calendar with its seemingly endless observances. I really have to bone up so these guys don’t start just inventing stuff just to screw with me (no, you can’t leave in August, have you forgotten about the Festival of Bees?).

Here, then, are links to my two signed columns from last week for the National Post: one about the controversy over the political spending of Ontario’s “Working Families Coalition”, a pressure group whose name would be more accurately rendered “Unions for McGuinty and Honest Graft”, and one on the increasing international snippiness that prevails along the 49th parallel.

One of my most interesting recent pieces appeared in the Western Standard: it’s about the still-uncertain tax and policy implications of issuing “Islamic mortgages” in Canada [reg. req’d], most of which are different from the usual Western home loan in just one big, basic, counterintuitive way. I’m not certain anymore, but I’m fairly sure I owe a hat tip to Michael Stastny for the original kernel of that column idea. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go a-hunting for the next one…


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Nothing on the loss of San Fernando? The Oilogosphere misses your hockey posts, my friend.

Richard Ames:

" ... covering for co-workers who have families ..."

Cosh was spontaneously generated!?

Okay, I know what you mean, but this is a touchy subject with me as I'm in the same position, and so people automatically assume I have no life. What you really mean is that you have no family who you care to spend much time with. Sounds crass, but it's basically true, yes?

I wouldn't say that, counselor. I just don't have the financial responsibility for taking anyone to see the wonders of the Cabot Trail, and I don't have kids who are going to be leaving for college or turning into grouchy adolescents soon. The groovy freelance lifestyle means that time off comes out of one's own pocket, and the less of it there is, the more you want to use it just recharging, reading, and building up ideas for future work.

Esteemed Bachelor Cosh:

Don't you want your observant co-workers to make up holidays? After all, the Festival of Bees is more work for Colby.

As one friend of mine said, the problem with being unemployed is that you're always on the job,

Garth Wood:

No, the problem with being self-employed is that you only have to work half-days, and it really doesn't matter which twelve hours you choose.  8^>


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