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Can I get a clarification on that clarification

Here’s Friday’s National Post column about John Tory and creationism. Apparently it was a good one to finish on before I book off (from newspapering) for a bit; it’s generating a lot of mail. In a related story, the old Kettlewell experiments on the peppered moth, which lost their standing and were cited by the creationists for a while as an example of Darwinian bogosity from old-time textbooks, have apparently been rehabilitated. (It should be noted that the original field observations which Kettlewell was testing never went anywhere.) Meanwhile, Jack Chick has a new tract out; perhaps it’s timed so as to sway Ontario voters?


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That Jack Chick tract seems even more loosely connected to reality than usual. Is there actually a group pushing the theory that the dinosaurs died out because of the loss of plant life that occurred in the Great Flood? Wasn't it pretty fucking stupid of God not to realize that this was coming?

I guess that's where you end up if you have to cram the fossil record into 6,000 years and tie the "dragons" mentioned in the Old Testament to the dinosaurs?


Hold on, what's stupid about killing off the dinosaurs? I for one am glad they're gone, and surely I'm not the only one. If God actually disposed of the scaly buggers in this way, He deserves praise.

Garth Wood:

Yeah, imagine if one of those effers was rootin' through your garbage in the back alley:

"Honey!  That damn raptor's shredding the garbage can again!  Get the .50-cal., and call Dinosaur Control."

So that's what happened to the Dinosaurs? Thank you Jack Chick. You should check out www.316now.com; there are 9 short films based on actual Chick tracts. You will get a kick out them, I'm sure!


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