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As is usual when it comes to matters not related to infernal tootling, I agree with Paul Wells. The Palm Foleo is receiving arsenic-laden reviews, but doesn't anybody else think it looks like a good start? It certainly looks like something I could use if it weren't shackled to an expensive phone, and considering how many working journalists and others are doing shocking amounts of work on a Blackberry screen right now, there may be an immediate market for it. I can't help feeling, watching friends compose e-mails and compile spreadsheets on something the size of a Game Boy, that the world may be ready for a computer that's halfway in size between PDA and laptop.


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Er... Why not just buy a sub-notebook instead? The fact that they come with integrated WiFi actually makes them useful unlike the Foleo. Sorry, but I think Palm just launched another non-starter.

"Why not just buy a sub-notebook instead?"

Price. I bought one of the early Vaio subs back around '98 or so. I've never forgotten the remark of a colleague when he first saw it: he admired it greatly until I told him what I'd paid for it, and which point he let me know that he was happy to let his company eat his depreciation on new hardware.

That was the last time I went anywhere near the bleeding edge of computers.

I think back fondly on my Tandy 200, and wish that someone could bring modern power to that form-factor or smaller without just beating my ass for Franklins all day long.

That Bluetooth gag strikes me as eminently ridiculous.

A thousand bucks does seem to be a tad much to pay for Wi-Fi capability.

"That Bluetooth gag strikes me as eminently ridiculous."

That's the thing. They could have easily given it WiFi as well, in which case the unit would have actually been marketable. But having to carry around a cell phone so that you can use your Foleo? Gimme a break.

"A thousand bucks does seem to be a tad much to pay for Wi-Fi capability."

I can run Photoshop or whatever else I need to on the sub note. Not so with the Foleo, so you're getting more than just WiFi.

Dudley Morris:

How about Sidekicks? Despite their being ubiquitous among useless starlets and no longer available in Canada, I think they're kind of neat.


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