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@FullComment.com: Two long-ish ones

At the National Post's totally-free-to-everybody-and-updated-throughout-the-day Full Comment site, I eulogize Bang the Drum Slowly author Mark Harris and take sides in the increasingly rancorous "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" debate.


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Agree entirely on "Bang the Drum Slowly"--both book and movie--as infinitely superior to "The Natural". The latter has as much to do with baseball as Woody Allen's "Interiors".

Re: Mac vs. PC, however, I can agree only to a point. PC may be (is!) infinitely more lovable--but do you seriously want his software? Or hardware, for that matter? We may choose our friends that way, but who would want to buy a computer you have to pity? PC gets the best lines, but Mac gets the sales.

Bloodthirsty Liberal


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