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Two screenshots from the news Web

AlJazeera.com screenshot
I'm afraid I can only admire the cheek of a news organization that brazenly puts "Conspiracy Theories" on its main menu as one of its key categories. Wouldn't it be a more honest world if everybody did this?--if Fox News went ahead and had a link to "White House Talking Points" or the Toronto Star included a "Leftist Nonsense" link (presumably leading back to the paper's main index page)?

Edmonton Sun screenshot
Taken from the Edmonton Sun's page. To all those Osprey Media employees who worry that a Quebecor takeover will annihilate their editorial standards, I'd just like to say, hey, don't make a Great Dane out of a chiwawa, people.


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Eric Grant:

While the first website is good for entertainment purposes, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with the Al Jazeera news network we usually here a lot about.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with the Al Jazeera news network we usually here a lot about.

I think that's right. The Al Jazeera TV network's site is at aljazeera.net. (English website here...)

Yeah, I didn't mean to confuse anybody--the site actually provides a convenient little field guide to the various Al-Jazeeras.


Isn't that spelled "Chihuahua?"

Perhaps the Star's Leftist Nonsense page should run an editorial attacking the Sun for its insensitivity both to dogs and Spanish-speakers...

(Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that a rapidly increasing proportion of newspaper editorial space is now devoted to attacks, overt and covert, against other newspapers? I find it exceedingly tiresome...)

I haven't noticed it, but I think it is long overdue.

I went to find this in Colby's archives tonight, simply because his screencap turned out to be the first of nearly daily similar screwups on the Edmonton Sun's webpage. I've found some really bad ones ...


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