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I love you, Mindy Jones

Pretty Good Time Ambulance Driver - Watch more Funny Videos


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Half Canadian:

You could always offer her refugee status. But I don't know if she could handle the prison planet's weather.

Kevin K:

She's pretty cute for a drunk felon. Shawnee, OK is roughly 33 C warmer than Edmonton and, as I've been led to believe, they have the internet there. Just putting that out there.


So that's Mindy? Well, I'd mork her.

Dave Himrich:

As an Oklahoma resident I am proud, proud, proud. I love how scandalized the reporterette seemed.


Well, since she got into the whole caper harassing her ex-boyfriend, it sounds like she's available, Colby. Go for it.

On the subject of the news broadcast, I liked the near-parodic moment when the local news team seemed disappointed that Ms. Jones' ride resulted in no damage to rescue vehicles. I was waiting for them to drag out some file footage of wrecked ambulances, squad cars, etc. to show what COULD have happened.

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

You were kidding about the Relayer thing, weren't you? Sure your were.

Say it. Say you were kidding.

Alex B.:

About another Tweet...

Streep had zero nominations for anything before dating John(every-picture-I-was-in-was-nominated-for-best-picture)Cazale.

My theory is that she did something with his ashes similar to Ozzy and his dad's.

Untrue. After his first meeting with Streep, Cazale told Pacino "I've just met the greatest actress in the world." In the history of guys, this has to be the most accurate such claim ever made.


Mindy? Fine. Everyone approves. Streep? You are correct. Relayer? Seriously?? You jest.

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

Thor groks.

Nobody complained when it won in 2008.

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

Dude, there are CHILDREN reading this blog, OK? Someone might not understand how much dope was being smoked in '74, and might try to listen thoughtfully. People could get hurt.

1. There aren't any children reading this blog. 2. If I had a kid I'd put whatever Alan White was smoking the day they recorded "Sound Chaser" in his strained peas. 3. You're troublingly close to making me play the "Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while" card.

Yes? Oh, yeah, I love that "someday love will find you" song.

Alex B.:

In the history of guys, this has to be the most accurate such claim ever made.

Absolutely, and probably embarrassing for Clint when he was shopping the same line about Sondra Locke.


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