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The new business as usual

OK, three dozen dear friends still watching and besetting this website: my weblog for Maclean's can now be said to exist, and will be the focus of the majority of my attention for the foreseeable future. So please bookmark it if you would, and pass along the news. You could also bookmark the Maclean's Blog Central page and watch for my entries as they pop up there. As a bonus, this strategy would spare you from daily visual confrontations with my enormous planet-like head.

I'll be maintaining this site as a place for whatever doesn't fit on the Maclean's site. I can imagine four possible categories of item: 1) the very strictly personal, 2) "meta"-type career updates when appropriate, 3) pure ephemera, 4) any material in which I cannot possibly avoid swearing A LOT. (OH, THOSE FUCKING OILERS. JESUS.) I think the Twitter sidebar is perhaps also useful to those of you who don't want to sign up for everybody's favourite social-media application but who do want to stalk me. Thanks for your continued support and patronage.


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Pity about Macleans not providing full blog article text in RSS feeds (at least for Paul Wells) though I imagine it's done to keep the ad impressions up and can't be helped.


Wow. That photograph makes you look-- well, like a J-school graduate. Insufficiently hard-livin' to be the real Cosh. More like a "Colby Cash", I'd say..

And congratulations, all the way from the one tiny remnant of British sanity in the Middle Kingdom.

Iain G. Foulds:

... Great photo. Finally.

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

> everyone in the world but me
> has a podcast. Then I remembered
> '01: same deal, only with blogs.
> 26 minutes ago

What, are you all busy or something nowadays? Would a tiny little Pcast kill you? Hell, is the LCD upon which you read these words not watching and listening to you right this very now?

Small price to pay for opinion leadership. You could have babes & theme music, and smoke a lot of cigarettes.

Person of Choler:

Glad to see that you are associated with Maclean's. Also glad that you don't look as bad as the ghastly caricature posted here.


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