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Tour de force!

I've been unhappy with most of my columns lately (and flu-ey, to boot, this week), but I was pretty pleased with Thursday's about Craigslist. OK, it suffers from a slight case of fish/barrel syndrome; but on the other hand, who else is going to write this stuff (in a newspaper) these days?


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Dominican lesbian midget is one of your finer efforts.

I was actually kinda disappointed--the punchline I originally intended there was "And by 'Dominican' I mean the Catholic priestly order, not the country."

Just to be pedantic:
Why do you write "the country"? Depending on whether you accent the 2nd or 3rd syllable, Dominican can refer to a citizen of the Dominican Republic or the island of Dominica.

Well, you can't be overpedantic when you're going for a joke. But, yeah, actually the only "Dominican" I ever knew personally was from the commonwealth, not the hundredfold-larger republic that occupies the nicer half of Hispaniola.

Lord Bob:

Should have just ducked the confusion and said he was Congolese.


I don't get it. I thought the Catholics had a fag problem not a lesbian problem

Maybe in a modern political economy one must run a news/humor/whatever section as a loss leader, so that one has political firepower in reserve to preserve one's right to run moneymaking businesses like ads. My impression is that DAs avoid picking fights like this even with dinky little community newspapers heavily supported by adult ads, more or less as one might expect from the "never argue with someone who uses ink by the barrel" family of proverbs.

Robert Seymour:

That's right no one else is shooting fish in a barrel because most people are too blind to see how.

My advice: reload and keep firing.


Hey, Weevil, I thnk you're doing well even to have heard of the island of Dominica. Although who can ever forget their rousing national anthem. All together now: "Dominica-nica-nica! S'en allait tout simplement, pour faire chanter chanson..."

At this point my theory is that these lines are a result of a National Post co-branding deal with Mad Libs.


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