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Quisling show

I love that there are journalists in Alberta who apparently think that human-rights law should apply fully to journalists (and bloggers and Twitter-ers) in their work, but not teachers in theirs. I mean, is there a single noun in English that combines treacherousness with stupidity? I don't like the leftist tendency to immediately accuse writers and editors of being on the take when they express an "inappropriate" opinion (this happens to me, I don't know, 50 times more often than merely being accused of ineptitude), but if I were blowing and sucking the teacher trust while totally ignoring or opposing the interests of my own guild, I think I would at least want a few sizable cheques. But when it comes to public schools and the incorruptible saints who staff them, the typical journalist emerged from the womb bought and paid for.


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Garth Wood:

"The incorruptible saints who staff them..."

Such a sentiment coming from the pens/keyboards of journalists has always made me want to ask them a simple question:

"Did you ever go to school?"

Lord Bob:

I suspect that many of those who take up intellectual professions are those who liked school in the first place.


So they asked Hitler, "Do you like Quisling?" And he said, "I don't know! I've never quisled!"


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