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Check out this old entry and the attached comments, and tell me to my face that we didn't clearly predict the rise of the netbook one year before it happened. I almost shiver when I read "...the world may be ready for a computer that's halfway in size between PDA and laptop."


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There are going to be many iterations on the theme coming out this year.

Interesting how the whole segment has forced Microsoft to do a 180 regarding XP, since their later OS' are too big for such underpowered machines. There are interesting things coming out based on non intel processors, which have very good battery potential, and a break from the windows paradigm.

It's great. Reading the comments at the link reminds one of how cheap these things have become.


Well... seven months or so before it happened. I copped an ASUS in Feb. '08.

It was just what I needed. Terrific little road rig and satellite to the desktop, and I didn't have to apply for a federal bailout for financing.

I don't think it's that spooky, really. That market had been getting more obvious to me all the time.


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