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Full Comment takes one of its occasional peeks behind the scenes of the National Post's early-morning editorial-board meetings. The subject: bus killer Vince Li.


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Alex B.:

When I was in grade twelve, a girl in my high school was murdered under similar circumstances as Tim McLean. A woman, Jean Rudski who was a schizophrenic, cut the girls head-off with a steak knife. She was also found not responsible for the her crime.

As I recall, this story got some national coverage.

Trying to answer some questions about the chances of Li ever being realeased, I was surprised that this link is the only result I could find concerning the murder of the girl:


I have not subscribed to the Peterborough Examiner for over five years, but I believe there was some talk of Rudski being allowed periods of release into the public(less than ten years after the crime).

Is there anything in the NP archives about any of this? I'm asking because of your line:"What doctor would take the risk of freeing him?", when there is a chance that a recent example might be present.

I'm afraid the most recent mention of that name in any CanWest paper is dated May 31, 1999, at the time she was found NCR. There are, of course, a lot of possible intermediate steps between setting someone free and keeping them locked up.

Alex B.:

There are, of course, a lot of possible intermediate steps between setting someone free and keeping them locked up.

Yes, if I'm remembering correctly at all, these were supervised public trips. Hopefully they are taken more seriously than Girl Interrupted.

I hope the attention this case has gotten might lead to a better public understanding on how these steps are carried out, and how we deal with the mentally ill in general.


Regarding this comment from David Asper: "Iā€™d be happy keeping them for longer ā€” even for their whole lives ā€” but detaining them in the current facilities is cruel and unjust."

So... if Vincent Li gets out the "cruel & unjust place he is in, does this mean he is coming to live at your house Mr Asper?? Or even next door to you?

The person I feel for the most is Mr Maclean's mother. As she said on TV, they can never relax their vigilance for seeing that Mr. Li is kept in a secure facilty for the rest of their lives. The family will never be able to move on.

Brittany scared:

The murderer now lives in my building, and she's SO freaky, I'm sixteen, and she passes me in the halls and always has this like sketchy look. Could someone please give me a more informational site towards the murder of Adrienne please?
Email me,


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