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It's, like, revolution, man

An opinion I'm hearing a lot lately is that Twitter, the fun social-networking toy that crunches everything down to 140 characters, is somehow going to supplant not only existing forms of news media, but a significant amount of the work done by in-house media and PR departments. Here's the sum total of what I have to say about this: really? Really?? You really think that? Really? Really really? That's really your real opinion? REALLY?


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The web finally has it's own CB radio.


Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

This blog post was only 78 words. Just sayin'.

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

Aw shit, it was 467 CHARACTERS. (Just not up-to-date with Twitter yet.)

I can't lose any of those "reallys". Sorry, it's an artistic-integrity thing.

Lord Bob:

@woodwardandbernstein: "anonymous source sez Nixon ordered breakin to Watergate hotel! Tried to eff up Democratic party. Secret tapes available mebbe?"

126 characters. There might be something to this.


Rilly Colby? You can't spare even a single character?

I don't get Twitter's appeal. Is it because I can't receive texts on my phone? If I get an iPhone does Twitter suddenly become magnificent?

It all seems to me like a shittified version of blogging. Diet blogging. Low carb. Trans free. Now with Aspartame.

On the other hand, it would force a useful limit on my food analogy.


re: Tupperware parties/Twitter: "I can tell you my mom had one the night of the M*A*S*H finale."

I did?? Is this true?? Dammit, our kids do have a tendency to remember the craziest stuff sometimes!!!"

Diet blogging? I luv that. Sums it up IMO. (note careful use of characters)

It was the most widely watched television program of all time--I imagine most people remember where they were for it.

Garth Wood:

North Vancouver, up on one of the more picturesque hills with a view across the strait to downtown and the west end, in the house of an insanely rich person who made more in one year than I've yet to make in my entire life.

The weird part?  I have *no* idea exactly how I managed to end up there, 'cept that I knew some people who knew some people...

Anyways, a good time was had by most.


Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

Vian Reynolds.


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