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This should help them overcome that stigmatism

The Daily Mail sends ultra-posh Petsy Wyatt on a social-class suicide mission to an everything-for-a-pound store in ungentrified olde Edmonton (and other London exurbs). You can really feel the relief when she suddenly spots a Pucci scarf. Prize quote: "Where else could you get a mouse mat for £1, you stupid woman?"


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I was struck by passing mention of social class C1, a reference I didn't get. It's explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NRS_social_grade

While I'm used to the slicing and dicing of demo/psyco-graphics, and the way the marketing machines give various sub groups catchy names, this had a very different feel.

I'll take North American egalitarianism, with all its imperfections, over this kind of class conciousness any day.

You prefer class unconsciousness to class consciousness? Spoken like a true A!

Looking at that list, I'm betting that an awful lot of C2s live in better houses than most of the C1s.

(At the risk of being cruel, I'm thinking Dolphin versus Cosh here).

Also, the Hon. Petronella Wyatt does correctly identify that batteries, for some reason, are always a fabulous value at dollar/pound stores. Or to put it another way, every other store in town is trying to rip you off.

This is quite comical. I don't think I've realized before that even today, class-consciousness (social stigma for shopping at a dollar store?) is so much deeper in the UK than here.

Uh, I am on the editorial board of a national newspaper. That should be good for a B.

Ryan, any luck actually getting name brand batteries in the dollar store? I've bought cheap $1 knockoffs before, but you plug the AA into your clockradio on Sunday night and you miss work on Friday when the alarm doesn't go off because the unit is out of power. Hell, I've put the batteries into devices which wouldn't even turn on for a single use.

On the other hand, it is nice to see East Edmonton Mall again: there's just something that screams classy about a place where the roof is just tacked on fibreglass, and all of the storefront signs have spikes on them to keep pigeons from shitting all over the place.

FACLC: I haven't had any problems with whatever off-brands the dollar store sells (though I know enough to buy strong, stable alkalines, not the hideous "heavy duty" batteries that are available even cheaper).

However, I buy mainly watch batteries, and my clock radio runs on mains power. I do have a little shop in Hong Kong that mails me NiMH AA and AAA batteries for a surprisingly low cost, including shipping.

Cosh, Colby (Grade B): okay, you're a B. But the interesting thing is how strangely and specifically that NRS classification describes "social" grades rather than economic ones. Maybe Joe the Plumber is the great contraindicator here, but I think there's just a mass of undifferentiated middle classes in Canada and the US that have much less class distinction, albeit a certain amount of economic distinction.

I mean, I was just at a party that (among 30 guests) featured a surgeon, a luxury-car dealership manager, a computer nerd, an NHL goal judge (no, really), and was hosted by a house painter. That's pretty much the entirety of the NRS classification system right there, except a titled peer. (And no, we didn't have any OC's to make up for it).

Also, allow me to take another chance to taunt you about how magnificently your employer is getting away with underpaying you. I hope you're at least able to slack off and not work too much! Are you working on the John A. MacDonald book yet?

It's a B trending toward A. I spend more time socializing with scientists, engineers, and professionals than I do with other journalists. I mean, ew.

Lord Bob:

After reading this comment thread, all I can say is that it's a good thing we don't have class-based snobbishness in North America!

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

> I spend more time socializing with
> scientists, engineers, and
> professionals

First of all, the only thing worse than an ink-stained journalist is an ink-stained social climber. Second, since when are you permitted to socialize anyway?


Mr. Cosh it is evident you read these postings. I have been reading your articles for a few years now, mostly NP. However I reckon in my world when I start following the writer in addition to the publication you must be a writer of note. I followed your link to "Single Ladies", which is not my genre at all, and can't get it out of my mind auditorially or visually. Thank you for that.

As for "Dollar Stores", I've asked my wife to, whenever possible, refrain from buying "Made In China". You would not believe how difficult that has become. I simply state pick up the nearest object. Where is it made? I would wager there are at least five items within reach that bear that stigma. I do not understand the lack of outrage by the enviro,union,socialist,Human Rights,protective fools who want to save the planet and by extension the human race but not necessarily our "civilized" section of it. Cheap goods are one thing. Compared to the resource and environmental (think western world's Industrial Revolution, coal based, China's oil mostly diesel x100) cost, they are not cheap


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