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The Hill Times is apparently reporting that Michael Ignatieff recently offered the prime minister the use of Stornoway (the official residence of the federal opposition leader) for the duration of renovations to Harper's ex officio home at 24 Sussex Drive. My question is, was this "sole use", or was Ignatieff offering to have Harper move in with him and form the nuttiest pair of sitcom roommates ever?


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I'm afraid Rick Mercer beat you to this joke - see "Helping Michael Ignatieff" on the right.

For fuck's sake. Beaten to the punchline by Mercer twice in one month? I may have to retire.

Lord Bob:

I dunno. I'd kinda like to see Colby Cosh as the west's Mercer, living on television in five years rehashing all the jokes he's made today but more bitterly. Although in his case, that amount of bitterness may cause the sun to explode.

Nathan Muhly:

No, don't! I never pay attention to that guy, anyway. And for the sitcom I'm picturing the opening credits sequence as something close to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's.

Harper is making a speech in the House of Commons. Layton comes up behind him and spins him overhead. Harper is sent to live with Ignatieff, pulling up to Stornoway at about "seven, or eight". You get the idea.


The problem I'm having is with Stephen Harper in the Will Smith role. Who is plausible in the role of dorky cousin?


Stephen Dion?

Nathan Muhly:

Plus, Harper has a penchant for sweater vests, making him even more Carlton like.


I haven't felt this homesick in a long time.. all because I'm imagining the BEST SHOW EV4R.

Tuesday nights at ten; ten thirty in Newfoundland.


Or check this out: Iggy and BOB RAE as roommates!

Aw, it would never work.


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