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The pride of Winnipeg

Rowdy Roddy Piper performs the pro wrestler's favourite party trick in this rare footage from one of Jimmy Kimmel's expensively catered, awesomely equipped Sunday NFL parties. The weekly get-togethers, which somehow manage to take place spontaneously even when Kimmel is absent from the premises, are a favourite topic of conversation on Bill Simmons' podcast and Adam Carolla's radio show. They seem to be rapidly filling the aspirational culture niche that would have been occupied by one of Madame de Staël's salons in 1795 or a Rat Pack allnighter in 1962, so any documentation is inherently exciting.


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Okay, I give up. What's happening here?

Sean E:

Sleeper hold. One drunk dude lets another drunk dude cut off the blood flow to his brain until he passes out. It's easy enough to do - the tricky part is stopping before permanent brain damage or death. Which, let's face it, tends to bring the party to a screetching halt.


so any documentation is inherently exciting.


Rick Hiebert:

Hi Colby,
I'm a big Piper fan...so thanks for this post.
Blessings to you...

Rick Hiebert:

Hi Colby,
I'm a big Piper fan...so thanks for this post.
Blessings to you...

There's nothing especially dangerous about a sleeper hold when you're applying it for 10 seconds to somebody who isn't fighting back. Properly done it doesn't even obstruct the airway. Supposedly the effect is quite pleasant.


I am searching for this Roddy Piper beach interview around 1987. Piper is on the beach with his wife, Kitty and Gene Okerlund. It is a wwf tv show and it is at the very end of the program. Piper talks about hogan and they had just rented a home for the summer with his kids. It was filmed on Ventura beach, California. Do you know of anyone who may have it on video? Thank you, janicejennings@comcast.net

Sean E:

I'll have to take your word on the safety of this Colby. It does work by stopping the flow of blood to the brain until you lose consciousness, which seems like it could have some risks attached.

That said, if it were me at that party I probably would be willing to risk losing a few IQ points for the chance to tell my friends that Roddy Piper put me in a sleeper hold.


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