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News quiz

What everyday consumer item was just manufactured for the billionth time by its top manufacturer? [þ: BoingBoing]


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Lord Bob:

I was going to go with "a fatuous article about Toronto, the centre of the universe" and "the Globe and Mail". But the real answer is much more interesting!


Given the ultra-low quality of logitech mice, it's not hard to imagine.

I've had to replace my logitech mouse about 1.4 times a year -- they're just not built to last. Either the angel-hair wiring in the cord goes, or a component on the mouse itself (usually the wheel or one of the thumb buttons) craps out. Meanwhile my old MS intellipoint has been submerged, smashed, bound together with packing tape, and still works as well as the day it was new.

Why do I keep buying logitech mice if they're so low-quality? It's a great mouse while it's working, and it's the only line with the button placement I crave.


Why, those things are reproducing like rats...

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