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So farewell then, The New Music

Granted, you lived about 20 years beyond your sell-by date, but in the early 1980s basic-cable universe there was no other vehicle to smash through the façade of practice-boyfriend corporate rock for us small-town kids. How subversive is this sample intro from a 1984 episode?

Motley Crue, Lee Aaron, Genesis, April Wine... Laurie Anderson? Hey, who invited the weird lesbo to this bush party? For a generation of mainstream-minded listeners, TNM lineups like this performed the transformative task of revealing that the mainstream existed and that we were all swimming in it. For the instinctive outsiders, I can only imagine that the show must have been like an eagerly-awaited weekly message from one's true home planet.


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Half Canadian:

"On April 12, 2008 Laurie Anderson married longtime companion Lou Reed in a private ceremony in Boulder, Colorado."

Course, I thought that Reed was gay . . .

How about that J.D. -- er, John -- Roberts doing the intro?



ITV. 11 or 12 at night. After Love Boat and Fantasy Island if I recall.
The show opened my eyes to music CHED (when they were the AM rock station) and K-97 missed.

Whenever I see John Roberts on American national news, I still see JD Roberts doing a gag tryout with Triumph to play rhythm guitar alongside Rik Emmett.

I keep hoping John Roberts would throw to Daniel Richler and the rooster hairdo and foppish accent to cover the next story.


Ah, yes, you've strolled me down memory's lane. I can still remember kneeling in front of a lousy television, captivated by some new band call YOUT00...opened a wide world it did.


Someone's gotta post the older opening when the theme was Rush's "2112".

Right, and a nude Christopher Ward was menaced by a giant red star representing collectivism.


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