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Notice from the management

Gold Maple LeafThe "Canada" section of my blogroll has been updated to include only fully active weblogs, making it of more use to me and thee. You can now visit at the start of every day and click the links, being fairly confident of new content. I'm aware of the need to make some additions, too, but my housekeeping is as neglectful here as it is in World 1.0. Also, I've created a Twitter account, because we all know that nothing of relevance ever requires more than 140 characters to state.


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I can't believe my steady diet of dog photos, retro tailoring projects, and abominable bicycles somehow failed to make your blogroll. Again.

Are you quite sure? Perhaps... you didn't look closely enough?

Where did the "friends" section go? That's how I always found my way to Sarah.

I feel so validated! He likes me, he really likes me!

Well, as much as he likes Andrew Sullivan, at least.

BTW, I realize your other roll sections aren't likely updated, but I regret to inform you of the tragic passing of the Athanasius Kircher Society, date of death unknown.

I'll put Sarah at the top of "World" for now.


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