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Gotta say, you don't hear sleigh bells in the snow too often though

Random find of the day: an Environment Canada chart showing the probability of a white Christmas in various Canadian cities.


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Find of the day? That's like the find of the year! We civil servants aren't usually allowed to express our humor or humanity....



It's interesting that they give Edmonton only an 88% chance of a white christmas. How many times in the last century has Edmonton not had snow on the ground at christmas? Twice?

Half Canadian:


That may be, but come on, it's global warming. How can you have snow on the ground in December when the planet is heating up?


Interesting to click on the links to "Christmases Past". 17 degrees in Toronto in 1982, flowers blooming in 1923, balmy in 1647...gives some perspective to those that blame global warming for every green Christmas. I remember that 1982 Xmas...god I was one disappointed kid. No tobagganing over the holidays that year.


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