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La rapporteuse surréaliste

As if fate were trying to suggest that I actually surf through the entire internet every few days, I spent a little while this past week looking for a good page on Lee Miller, the great dual-threat model/photographer who was a dame in every sense of the word, and couldn't find one—but then ran across this interesting Russian-language one quite accidentally.

20th century in a nutshell: Miller was both the first real woman to appear in a print advertisement for a menstrual hygiene product and the first person to photograph the use of napalm in warfare.


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I love the stuff you find when you're surfing, Colby: this is almost as good as the story about the sunken freighter that was carrying the war plans that lost the Allies Singapore.

The Russkis go in more for visuals than wikipedia, eh? Maybe it's the lax enforcement of Western copyright under Putin's regime.

The bath in Hitler's tub is tres americaine; I have a buddy who had a picture of himself taken on Saddam's golden toilet. Not exactly stripping to show the old wounds on Crispin's day, but still, something to show the grandchildren.

Will S.:

Great find!

On a similarly warped note, there is the story of Dione Lucas, whose Wikipedia entry credits her with being the first woman featured in a TV cooking show, and with helping introduce the omelette to Americans, as well as promoting French cooking in general (and thus paving the way for Julia Child). Her other claim to fame? In Hamburg, she served squab to the supposedly-vegetarian Hitler.


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