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Google Chrome review

What's this? I can't change my Bookmarks toolbar to a sidebar? And my back/forward mouse buttons no longer work for some reason? And audio controls in embedded players are effectively frozen? And the whole thing is generally about as customizable as a cinder block? Hey, why do I find myself suddenly wishing that the icon for my Recycle Bin was a picture of a toilet?


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OK, so we'll mark you down as "Has Some Reservations".

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

Opera is going to be remembered --or forgotten-- by net-heads as being a small outfit of whiny Yerp'ans whose spent their careers bitching about how other people aren't observing their own standards. That's a shame because [A] they're right and [B] they make a good product.

They've always been better than anyone at scaling, both text and images... So much better at it that you wonder why the IE teams didn't retire in shame.

Perhaps scaling isn't important to you. Perhaps you're an able young pup with good eyesight. Well, your day will come.

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

To wit.

Lord Bob:

As an Opera user myself, I'm more optimistic, Crid. After all, what is the Internet but a collection of disparate niche obsessions coagulated into a series of tubes?

(P.S.: I'm hung over. Not that it shows in my comments.)


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