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Round-up of recent work

CastroMy Friday column used a last-minute incident at the Olympics as the occasion for accusing Fidel Castro of being a whiny twat. Fidel is an obsessive gatherer of press clippings and, having abandoned politics for the life of a full-time editorialist, certainly wouldn't miss a critical column printed in a national paper in his beloved Canada. So I figure he probably read this. I've got a week off coming up, jefe: I worked extra hard on the piece. My e-mail's at the bottom.

A reader wishes to know what I thought of John McCain choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. This unsigned editorial from the Post should shed some light on my feelings. The Canadians who dominate the American conservative punditariat are divided on Palin—but Mark Steyn is bang on.

And here's my bonus weekend piece for FullComment.com, which is about an overlooked line from Barack Obama's acceptance speech.


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I was just in Wasilla a few weeks ago. Its hard to believe that the mayor of a small town like that can be on the national ticket of the biggest contest on the planet. A funny little fact is that Wasilla is the duct tape capital of the world and has an entire aisle in the wal-mart dedicated to duct tape.

Hey Colby, if you do hear from Fidel, don't forget to mention that lots of us more liberal types think he's a gigantic asshole too. Or at least I do - I suppose I only speak for me.


One minor point of contention RE Palin - Angelina Jolie is a sunken cheeked, skull-faced hag with the body of a man (they use an ass-double in the movies) whose sole attractive feature is smouldering eyeshadow. She could play a convincing live-action Cruella De Vil without additional makeup or prosthetics.

She's not pretty, and she doesn't have a nice body - what she has is over a decade of mass marketing that has told people that she's attactive, and a culture weaned on advertising that believes what it's told instead of what it can see for itself.

Yeah, I know, it has absolutely nothing to do with your take on Palin, but I am nontheless shocked and appalled! I'm tempted to send you a photo of Jolie in plain clothes with no makeup, along with a photo of an attrative woman so as you can see the difference.

Actually in my experience I know very large numbers of people totally willing to have sex with Angelina Jolie: otherwise heterosexual females. If I had a quarter for every time a woman told me "if I ever became a lesbian I'd totally do Angelina Jolie" I could afford a U.S. Presidential run.

As for heterosexual males? Well, nitus may be a little extreme in his dislike for her, but the general consensus is give us Angelina and Annistan to pick from, and Jennifer wins hands down every single time.

I think my favorite part of the Fidel screed was how Colby attacked Sacha's Cuban Friend's manhood. I'm not sure if it was effective, but at least it was funny.

Annistan: the hottest former SSR!


I like how Steyn refers to Palin as, not just an all-American, but a hyper-American. No doubt penned before the secessionist party disclosure!

Devin McCullen:

You can say a lot of things about McCain choosing Palin, but "calculated" isn't one of them. (Although the headline may or may not be your fault.) It may not wind up being that big of a deal, but so far it's not looking too good at anything but energizing the base.

Half Canadian:

Emmett, the secessionist party disclosure didn't pan out. She was never in AIP, but that story was too good to confirm.


Devin, I think that was the point -- that, and giving a few Hillary supporters an excuse to stay home on election day.

nitus, that was harsh... Makes me wanna give her a hug now.


I think it did indeed do a good job of energizing the base, and let's not forget, McCain of all people really needed to get the Republican base onside. But it also did a splendid job of letting the Democrats discredit themselves. The two-thirds or so of the electorate who aren't blindly committed to Obama have been looking at his supporters for the last week and saying, Wow, these people are utter turds! I think that's got to help.


I agree with "ebt:" the sheer outpouring of stories about Palin was really something to behold, and not in a good way. I don't buy the "Left bias" angle on it, however: More the sensational nitpicking in overdrive because she wasn't considered a "major" candidate and didn't go through it all in the primaries.

I guess, really, it might have been one of those really smart fakeouts: Get the resumé with the worst problems, with a nice, normal-type person to guide it, watch the media freakouts leave a sour taste in the "politics of change" opponent and rally the donating base. If McCain was that smart to do this intentionally, he deserves to be the President.


He's looking like a combination genius/cagey old guru imo. I mean, seriously, is there anybody who was going to vote for McCain pre-Palin, NOT going to vote for him post-Palin? I don't think so. Yet, at the same time a whole whack of people who had little interest in the Republican ticket are now thinking, hey, these guys might not be so boring/wacky/detached after all... Maybe Obamamania's not all that...

Have we heard much about McCain's old age and other supposed faults in the past week? Does anybody remember or care about GWB anymore? What would you rather defend, W's record, or Palin's? Of course all of this can and probably will change with a gaffe or two in the next few weeks, but for now, Mr. McCain is looking smart enough to maybe even deserve to win, something I thought impossible a few weeks ago...

is there anybody who was going to vote for McCain pre-Palin, NOT going to vote for him post-Palin? I don't think so.

Apparently, Ed Koch. Possibly, he signifies a bigger demographic of Obama-skeptical but tribally Democratic Jews, who matter in Florida but no other swing state.

If Palin gets the middle-aged and elderly white woman vote (which is always the swing vote), then it's more than worth it. We shall see.

gene berman:


It's "duck" tape.

That comment, more than anything, brings us a powerful reminder that The Red Green Show is no longer on the air...


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