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Early thought on the Obama assassination plot

I'm not a firearms expert or anything, but if I were gonna try to shoot somebody from two-fifths of a mile away? I think I'd probably take a little self-improvement time and try to get out in front of that meth habit first. (In the back of my mind, I can hear Homer Simpson's immortal reply: "But I'm angry now!")


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Yeah...it's well within possible ranges but perhaps the would-be assassin's , er, non-murderous personal problems might rule him out.


Hey, LHO was a bit of a fuckup himself, no? There's no better patsy than a meth head... no one would believe his strange jailhouse ramblings about the New World Order! (Cue the Tin Foil Hat Orchestra.)


Who knows what actually was going on in this case? A rifle with a scope and a kevlar vest point towards something more than protecting meth. The only reason to be carrying a long arm is because you have a specific use in mind, there are way better choices for most offensive or defensive firearm usage.

Regarding the range involved, as Ryan Cousineau commented, 750 yards is well within reasonable engagement. Denver's altitude would make it an easier shot than at sea level. Here is an old piece on a sniper kill in Iraq, it doesn't give the distance very accurately but it gives the data on his range and windage adjustments. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article158181.ece The longest confirmed kill was by a PPCLI sniper at a range of approximately 2600 yards.

Lord Bob:

The key word there is "sniper". Not "methed-out, half-crazy, probably amateur marksman".

Sure a trained sniper can be successful within that range. But...um...this idiot? Until we learn about his extensive training, that dog won't hunt. Nor will the rifle, come to think of it.


I hadn't heard anything about this. I just stopped by to see what you had to say about Sarah Palin and thought for a moment you were being all metaphorical.

gene berman:


Don't you mean "metheuphorical?"


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