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Worst page-flip teaser ever

NEXT PAGE: The program that [Alan] Moore says is, ''possibly the most stunning piece of television, full-stop." Hurrrrr, I wonder which Baltimore-based police-procedural-cum-Russian-novel that's going to be.


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The fifth season was a bit of a letdown. And I don't say that just to be the guy who goes around trashing popular stuff because it is fun to piss people off. I say it out of love for the first four seasons.

Are we allowed to talk about it without spoiling it yet? Or conversely, is it a dead topic already?

I am that guy and I'm still in the tank for The Wire.

I think we're now allowed to make spoilery but non-detailed comments like "How could those sons of bitches do that to Omar?"


Yeah, DVD releases have kinda made it difficult for the whole spoiler thing, especially here, where we don't get HBO.

Can't wait for the new Watchmen movie, the trailer converted me to wanting to see it instead of praying they didn't make it.

Alex B.:

This reminds me, did Bill Simmons ever publicly acknowledge the awfulness/apologize for his ridiculous "'To An Athlete Dying Young'" piece that you linked to a few months back?



How did Lester "It's all about you, isn't it, McNulty?" Freamon turn into Lester "Hey, that's not a bad idea, McNulty" Freamon?

Yeah, I know, it's just part of David Simon's crusade to show good people forced into drastic dishonesty because their bosses care more about their careers than Doing What's Right. But I thought it stretched his character a bit further than I could suspend disbelief. That whole storyline was a mess.

Nathan Muhly:

I'm willing to put my dissapointment in Season 5 of The Wire behind if I can expect Volume Three of LXG to be released in less than a year. Favourite Alan Moore book EVAR! Full stop.


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