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Apple threat-level goes to orange

Turns out the Big C did play at least some role in the demise of Fake Steve Jobs (but don't lose hope entirely):


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But see http://tinyurl.com/63k6ng wherein doubt is cast on the mortal illness theory.


A very interesting piece. Nocera outlines Jobs' history of lying about his health, notes the incredibly unreassuring messages coming from Apple's official spokesmen (who take the patently risible view that their CEO's well-being is immaterial), and then delivers with the buried lede—"Jobs tells me Jobs isn't gravely ill, but I can't tell you any of the details." Meanwhile, Real Dan has already made the argument that the Times just happens to be the last media bridge that Apple hasn't burned. (I do love tea-leaf reading, it relaxes the mind so.)

Couldn't this whole thing be settled with one press conference? Or, hell, a share buyback? Actually, the really effective form of damage control at this point might be to sow some AIDS rumours—that would explain away the weight loss and the discouraging secrecy all at once.


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