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Temptress! Harlot!Apr. 29: I kick off an installment of "Internal Dissent" with a doomed effort to impose sanity on the Miley Cyrus debate. May 2: a look at Alberta's duck disaster and an analysis of what the province should really be doing to save avian lives. Warning: counterintuitive (but not really)! May 3: brief literary notice. May 4-6: author stayed on his couch gibbering with a 48-hour fever and cough. May 7: a short piece on the ongoing "fiasco" of surveillance cameras in London. Later on May 7: a very fleeting cameo in another long, weird Internal Dissent. Later still on May 7: an assessment of what's wrong and right with Clay Shirky's retrospective on the history of TV.

Which ones to read if you're pressed for time: 1. Cyrus, 2. ducks, 3. Shirky. Bonus content: This editorial on the Maclean's-CIC free-speech battle was a collective board effort but you can probably detect a few of my grubby thumbprints.


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The "internal dissent" series is a pretty entertaining look inside the collective mind of the NP's editorial board. I compliment y'all for being willing to publish it. Well, I guess it goes without saying you'd be willing to print this stuff, but getting your collaborators to play along was a nice trick.


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