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'Free Val Pascucci' cries heard at long last?

The Mets signed ColbyCosh.com favourite and hard-luck ex-prospect Pascucci on Friday. VP broke into the encyclopedia about a year after our lunch but failed to stick in the show; since then he's spent time with Bobby Valentine's Chiba Lotte Marines, with whom he struggled, and the Albuquerque Isotopes, for whom he hit .284/.389/.577 in the desert heat last year. (þ: Primer)


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Lord Bob:

I have to say, Colby, that one harmless link back into 2003 you put into this post has got me reading pretty well your entire archive from that point onward. I'm on June 2004 now: there was just a letter from some obscure "Lethbridge reader Matt Fenwick". Good letter. Wonder what happened to that guy.


He OD'd on heroin not long after his first album went multi-platinum. Or so I hear.

It's like what they said about the Velvet Underground, man. Only a couple hundred people ever saw them live, but they all started bands of their own.


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