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We're not from the government and we're here to help

Katrina from spaceFriday's National Post comes with a helping of nutritious libertarian breakfast: my column on why federal government failed and corporations succeeded when Hurricane Katrina hit. Reason's Michael Moynihan deserves a hat tip for this one, and you can read the original study online; Steven Horwitz's specific recommendations for disaster response are particularly important.


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Adam Tondowsky:

You may have some good points here, however, I think two points are important to make
1.I don't think 'government' failed during Katrina, any more than you can blame 'corporations' for failing when you get ripped off on a car repair. Specific individuals failed, notably the Bush Administration. Maybe the civil service process also failed but it's hard to tell when you have gross incompetents like the people at the Bush admin in charge.

I realize you champion yourself here as a libertarian, but in general I think it's pretty rich for conservatives to support the Bush administration and then use its failure as a reason why more conservatives should be elected.

2.As much as we should recognize and appreciate the assistance corporations provided as was pointed out in the article, it should be remembered that there were no demands on them. They could pick and choose to help out who they wanted when they wanted. Whether they would have been able to have solved all the problems caused by Katrina is a whole other matter.


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