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Seems like an obvious one to me.

Oilers teddy bearEdmonton Journal investigative-reporting legend David Staples is operating a "Fan's Notes"-type weblog about the Oilers this year. Here's an excerpt from an entry written after the team's Monday night firewagon victory against Minnesota:

Robert Nilsson, Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano. OK, I saved the best until last here. They put on such a spectacular show, I spent much of the night in my head, trying to think up the perfect nickname for them.
The Flying Circus, because they are all such aces?
The Houdini Line, because what they do out there is unexpected and magic?

History is our great teacher, David. You remember the "Kid Line" that propelled the Oilers to the 1990 Stanley Cup? Martin Gélinas, Joe Murphy, Adam Graves. Their combined age in that amazing summer was 63. Kid line? More like old farts. If you lay Mini Magic (22), Gagner West (18), and Cogliano (19) end-to-end, their ages sum to a mere 59. You can do what you like with this theme; I'd go with something like "The Kindergarten Express". Or "Les Enfants Terribles".


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"Child's Play" ? nah, that sucks.

Also, you do realize that posting this item prior to their game against Minnesota was an outright jinx. I say this in retrospect, but I thought you knew better to start celebrating possibilities....sigh.



"Edmonton Journal investigative-reporting is operating"

Yeah, I remember how, months after the SI story linking several Oiler players with cocaine abuse, superjournalist David Staples broke the story about grant Fuhr abusing cocaine. The title wasn't "Don't Worry Oiler Fans, It Was Just The N****r!", but it may as well have been.

So you're a fan, Cosh? Jesus, and I thought I'd found a journalist worthy of respect.

Jesus, and I thought I'd found a journalist worthy of respect.

Why don't you throw a wildly off-topic internet tantrum about it? Then maybe those evil reporters will learn not to try promoting anonymous-sourced speculation into hard news.


With all due respect, you didn't address my point, though you've made me appreciate that it was delivered with too much verve.

If you feel that SI was lying, and that Staples set the record straight, then set your balls square and say so. If not, say otherwise.

That's fair, no?


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