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The art of phonoshopping

A lot of you have probably already heard about Celemony's new Direct Note Access music-editing application, but I didn't want any of my music-minded friends and readers to miss out on the news:

It is only recently that software has been able to interpret chords and pitch-correct them without messing them up: now mad scientist Peter Neubäcker is claiming to be able to totally break down the waveform of a chord into individual notes and edit them as entirely separate entities, which opens up a whole universe for music production. Think of what it does just for the mashup industry, or of the possibilities created for editable musique concrète—if this thingamabob really works, you could now, with enough processing power, match any two tracks in key and tempo.


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"It is only recently that software has been able to interpret chords and pitch-correct them without messing them up..."

I really must say that, as a trained rhythm-guitar player, I find that pathetic. You see, that's the player's job.


I agree. It's the player's job to play. This business of recording it - bah! On computers, yet! Fiddlesticks!


"Celemony"? Sounds like some kind of Chinese lituar.

Obligatory can-con comment from your linked news item:

"yeah,i just figured out a solution to finally remove glenn gould's permanent humming!"

This will be technically interesting to recording and mixing engineers tasked with getting something usable out of a performer whose head shot is better than their talent, but Mr. Cosh has it right: in the hands of the mashup set, this will make a hundred years of recorded music into fresh clay for the kiln.


This sounds interesting but the line about a new Melodyne dimension kind of spooks me.

Couldn't they just describe it as a way to screw around with music? That makes me much more comfortable.


They're not in the business of making you comfortable, sir.

Jason: I have tons of my own recordings on hard disk. That's not my complaint. It's the idea of correcting chords. They should go to the track right to begin with.

Further affiant sayeth not.


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