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Pro photographiā

Bravo: let us hope the Mother of Parliaments really does deplore

the apparent increase in the number of reported incidents in which the police, police community support officers (PCSOs) or wardens attempt to stop street photography and order the deletion of photographs or the confiscation of cards, cameras or film on various specious ground such as claims that some public buildings are strategic or sensitive, that children and adults can only be photographed with their written permission, that photographs of police and PCSOs are illegal, or that photographs may be used by terrorists...


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But if this snowballs, soon EPS will have no choice but to let lawyers photograph distasteful police actions during the 2009 Playoff run and cause specific officers to have to answer to specific charges!

God, I hate being THAT dick...but I'm having some font-matching problems with your marcroned 'A', a très-moderne Helvetica number against the pleasingly retrograde Times of the rest of the headline. At any rate, true Latin nerds JUST KNOW where the macrons go, so the typological cross-platform, Unicode SNAFU is entirely unnecessary. Viz., the fine library of OCTs, Teubners, Loebs, et sim. near you.

OK, actually Latin nerds might not know where ALL the macrons should go, but I do know anyway off the top of my addled head that that first O in "photographia" needs one. φώς, φώτος, man. Peace.

(By the way, I'm drunk as fuck on Moravian wine, so I just want to apologize for all of this NOW.)

Times?? Is your browser from antiquity too? This site should be viewed in the eye-pleasing Georgia specified in the HTML. I haven't messed with it in a while, though, I might have Times in there as a second-best for philistines (it looks good in Safari anyway).


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