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New addition to a very old genre

The Toronto Star asks a question: "Has college dropout done the impossible and created a perpetual motion machine?" I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say "No. No, he hasn't." (Punchline to the whole thing: the story is written by Tyler Hamilton, the Star's Energy Reporter. It's OK, though, he's not the Conservation of Energy Reporter.)


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I said Conservation of Energy reporter. (rimshot)

Thank you, thank you, I'm hear all week. Try the veal.


Just a hunch, but I bet young Master Hamilton conserved hisself a whole whompin' pile of energy in reporting this story. Legwork it's not.

Considering that "the Star has learned..." really means "...our intern Googled..." these days, this isn't a surprise. Beat reporters are very much like sales associates at Futureshop. Today, stereos, tomorrow, washing machines...

Jim Whyte:

"What's preventing the engineer from grasping it right away, [Heins] says, is his education, his scientific training."

Or put another way, he doesn't believe it because he knows what he's talking about.

Heins could be cookin' away, maybe adding up the bills wrong, but otherwise doing good work, and keep his family intact, while doing something constructive. Instead, he goes around thinking he will violate the Second Law. Tragic.

Half Canadian:

In this home we obey the laws of thermodynamics!



Closest you will get to perp motion is at: http://AutoblogGreen.com

More important.. I know, O/T but important!

Let us stand by the Danes.

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Jim Whyte:

Heins has now achieved pseudoscience stardom: he's in Bob Park's "What's New" column this week.


Following Heins's principle, I put my tea in the fridge this morning. Damn, it still didn't warm up. Not enough rotating fridge magnets.


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