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Greetings from Washington, D.C.

...where I'm working this week as a guest of Reason magazine and its new editor, bestselling author-to-be Matt Welch. (It's been an exciting couple months if you're the author of a quickie campaign book whose sales hinge on John McCain's political fate.) I apologize if anybody's e-mails are being answered a little more slowly than they should be while I gawp at the sights and sounds of the capital. Hopefully you caught my Post columns from last weekend—one a minority report in favour of Toronto's Afrocentric schools project, the other a vote of confidence in the future of the CFL. I'll be in this Friday's Post with a new column as usual—it's a regular work week for me, just in a different time zone.


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Well done Colby. Writing for Matt Welch should be a great pleasure. I have met, er rather gone drinking, with Mr Welch and he is stand up guy.


Isn't "quicky" a little harsh? Friends who read it say it's not even "opportunist." And as it turns out, we're going to need that book... Who knew?

No disrespect is intended; the quickie campaign book has a long and estimable tradition behind it, and this one was the product of agonizing, concentrated effort that would have disabled or killed a lesser man.

At least his book wasn't built around the idea of a 19-0 Pats season. Now that would be an oops.

As for your other recent work, I think your Afrocentric-school column secretly praised it as a politically correct way of hacking a voucher school into the system while avoiding any discussion how pedagogically dubious the whole affair seems. The only hope for the enterprise seems to be the outside chance that "Afrocentric" turns out to mean "high academic expectations and no crap teachers, teaching, or students."

Hannibal Lectern:

Who is taking care of the cats?


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